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If you manage a SQL Server database, one of your responsibilities includes running regular integrity checks. If your data becomes corrupt, it could be at risk—and this can ultimately impact business and revenue.

You could create scripts and jobs to perform these checks for you. If you are new to SQL Server, however, and don’t want to write and maintain scripts, or simply want to know when you should re-run an integrity check, Idera’s new SQL Integrity Check can help.

SQL Integrity Check is a new FREE tool from Idera that allows you to easily determine the last time a DBCC CHECKDB integrity check was performed on a database. You can initiate integrity checks from within the application with the simple click of a button, and once the integrity check is complete, the results—along with the recommended repair level—are displayed in an easy-to-view grid.

Another neat feature allows you to set a threshold of how frequently you would like to run integrity checks and get alerted via the system tray when that frequency threshold has been exceeded. This ensures that you are regularly checking the integrity of your SQL Server databases.

Idera SQL Integrity Check fills a gap for SQL Server database administrators who are looking for a quick and easy way to check database integrity. Make sure to download it today at:http://www.idera.com/productssolutions/freetools/sqlintegritycheck/.



  1. Terry says:

    I can”t delete a server after it has been entered.
    Also when adding a server, the auto-complete won”t allow me to add a server name that is just a shorter version of one already entered — e.g. RQHHIMSDB – now try to add RQHHIMS

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