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Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Version 7.5 is Now Available!


Up.time version 7.5 is now available and comes with a host of improvements and new features. Graphing is now improved with all Java and ActiveX graphs being replaced with more modern JavaScript graphs. The new graphs have better performance and do not require plugins. Additionally, REST API in 7.5 supports querying performance metrics for specified […]

Geek Sync: In Depth Look At Application Performance Monitoring

Hello from up.time and Idera.  I’m one of the new product managers working on the up.time product after it joined the Idera family. As part of the new Idera Geek Sync series, I’ll be doing a webcast on the theory underpinning application performance monitoring you may want to attend. It can be confusing to understand all the different […]

Purchase hardware and build the data center via converged infrastructure

I recently presented at a CMG Canada seminar in Toronto (October 29th, 2014). The topics discussed throughout the day were broadly applicable to many IT professionals and I thought sharing some of the discussion might help others facing similar challenges. For those who are not familiar with CMG it stands for Computer Measurement Group. It […]

Working with SQL Queries

I’m a Sys Admin for a SaaS provider of payroll tax solutions.  SQL Server is critical to the service we provide to our customers so we are continually checking the availability and performance of our SQL Server databases.  One of our major problems occurs when information gets passed to the database but doesn’t get processed.  […]

Some of the Ways I Use Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

I’m a System Administrator for Nevada’s primary energy provider. We’re one of the fastest growing energy companies in the US but we have a relatively small IT team. We support a wide variety of systems (including Windows, AIX, Unix, Linux and others) across two data centers and I personally support all of the organization’s AIX […]

Taking Your IT Department to the Next Level – The IT Maturity Curve

Let’s face it, IT is hard. We get it. Technology is constantly changing, environments are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, and IT organizations are forced to be lean on staff and tight on budget. So, ask yourself these questions: Do you feel fully in control of your environment and datacenter today? Do you feel prepared for […]

Three Tips to Cut IT Downtime and Maximize Performance

IT Downtime is the stuff nightmares are made of for IT managers everywhere. Regardless of how strictly they adhere to the best practices provided by their assorted vendors and IT service partners, the fear is very real; downtime costs money and jobs, period. The first step to mitigating your IT downtime is identifying the usual […]

Four Tips to Drive Datacenter Efficiency

The modern datacenter is the heart of an enterprise and faces challenges with changing technologies, complex IT environments, and lean IT budgets. As a result, businesses need to manage their datacenter more efficiently and foster a proactive approach towards their IT performance. Datacenter How can you start? It begins with asking the rights questions: Can […]

Five Secrets to Stretch Your IT Budget (Free Checklist Included)

Over the years, IT budgets have become synonymous with the phrase “do more with less.” So, with that in mind, here are five ways to get big results from small budgets: IT Budget IT Systems Monitoring (ITSM) “Need vs. Want”.      Figure out exactly what your team needs to get the job done. Understand […]

Can Open Source Monitoring Cost You Your Job?

Open source monitoring can be a useful step in the IT process for small companies that are just beginning to monitor their IT infrastructure and applications. However, as companies grow and their IT needs mature, they often require a more comprehensive IT monitoring solution that offers unified dashboards and reporting, broad and deep capabilities, greater flexibility, […]