Automatic Corrective Action

by Nov 21, 2022

Precise offers script execution as a response action to an alert.  This post provides an introduction to configuring automatic corrective action.

1.  Edit the alert. set ‘Action Type’ to Program.  


2.  Copy this string into the Program field:  action_example.bat $METRIC_ALERT $METRIC_TIME $METRIC_NAME $METRIC_VALUE.

     Set the On field to Instance; this will execution the script on the target server.

     Click Help to find additional instructions; hotlink to the list of parameters to be be passed to the script.

     ‘Test’ will execute the script on the target server; a Precise Basic Agent must be installed on the target.


3.  The Alerts Help is helpful.  ‘Using Dynamic Parameters In Action’ to link to the list of predefined parameters.


4.  This screen shows the list of dynamic parameters.


5.  Navigate to the target server.  Open C:\Precise\products\pulse\userprograms to show the scripts and the logs will show successful execution.