2015 State of the Cloud Report

by Apr 16, 2015

Cloud management provider Rightscale has released their second annual State of the Cloud Report, a survey of 930 technical professionals. It is full of interesting information about cloud adoption, like:

  • 93% of organizations are running apps on or experimenting with infrastructure as a service
  • 88% are using public cloud and 63% using private cloud
  • IT organizations are starting to take the lead in cloud implementations and create self-service portals for their customers
  • DevOps adoption rises to 71% of organizations
  • In general AWS is #1 (57%) and Azure IaaS is #2 (12%), but the gap is narrower in the enterprise space. vCloud Air is in third at 10% adoption among enterprises.
  • Private cloud adoption has stalled, same rate as last year
  • Docker, the new containerization technology, is on fire, coming from nowhere to be the single most cited too; (13% use today, 35% plan to use)

The report has a lot of interesting detail in it. One of the best is showing how the benefits people are reaping from cloud adoption grow with their cloud maturity level:

Cloud Adoption Benefits
Cloud Adoption Benefits

Across Idera’s product offerings, we continue to look to add cloud support as customers are ready to uptake it. 

And that’s where you come in! Here’s a survey asking about what you are using the cloud for, and what technologies you’d like help monitoring there. Please let us know where Idera’s products could help you be successful in the cloud.