5.3 Has Major Issues

by Jun 23, 2010

I upgraded last Thursday and it hosed my installation. I can't add systems, service monitors, and various other issues. Fortunately, the existing monitors are still working (I assume). I am not very happy with the QC on Uptime's part these days. The resolution on issues is also painfully slow. I have been working on a reporting issue for over a month and the only movement I see on it is an endless stream of problem report requests from support. It seems that Uptime has lost their way. I am being told to roll back to 5.2 now and that will lose 1 week of data. I am going to do it, but I will not be happy about it. I am seriously considering dumping Uptime for SCOM. Not happy at this time. Make sure you have solid backups before upgrading and don't wait for support to figure it out if you have issues. Just roll back. Better yet, wait.