5 DevOps Conferences You Should Consider Attending

by Oct 7, 2015

DevOps Conferences-AWS-Reinvent

We love developer conferences, they are informative, fun and a great way to network with like minded people. The sessions can help you and your organization discuss and address technology challenges, learn how others are solving problems and exchange knowledge. Even if you can’t make it, most of these conferences are streamed online. Here are the 5 DevOp conferences you should consider attending.

AWS re:Invent

The annual cloud conference, by market leaders themselves, is an event which is jam-packed and sold out, months before the actual event. Amazon Web Services (AWS) knows the importance of educating and constantly innovating on the cloud and encourages organizations to migrate their IT infrastructure to embrace the cloud. AWS re:Invent 2015 has a mammoth 313 sessions with 491 speakers. This event should top any DevOp’s list.


DevOpsDays is a two-day conference organized by local teams in each participating country. The highlight of every DevOpsDays is great presentations, open sessions and many amazing conversations to get a grassroot level view of what is going on in big companies. This event has something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert.


PuppetConf, hosted by Puppet Labs is an event that focuses on IT automation. It packs 5 days of keynotes, demos, trainings, track sessions, networking opportunities and a chance to meet, discuss and get hands-on training from industry experts.

O’Reilly Velocity

O’Reilly Velocity, hosted at 4 locations across the globe, focuses on hard-core web operations, performance, optimization and more to help you build a faster and stronger business. This conference covers the entire spectrum of skillsets a DevOp needs to have and will leave you with a zillion ideas to improve your business, thanks to the hands-on learning and practical advice you will get, to build resilient systems at scale.

Cloud Expo

Cloud Expo is all about Cloud Computing, Big Data, SDDC, WebRTC, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), offering a great selection of technical and strategic industry keynotes, breakout sessions, 100+ exhibitors which offer solutions and strategies, 175+ sessions by industry experts, demo sessions, special events, giveaways and much more.

Yes, this list is not exhaustive as there are many more great conferences, happening out there, like Monitorama, Percona Live, DockerCon to name a few. As it’s impossible to attend conferences, throughout the year, we have only featured the best. Let us know your stories and experiences about any recent DevOp conferences we’ve missed out on in this list.