7.3 Evaluation – User Authentication Issues With Ad And Ldap

by Dec 16, 2014

Hi guys,


I’ve installed the latest 7.3 to demo Up.Time – and I can not get the user authentication to work.  It appears to be set up correctly for both AD and LDAP authentication, but both error out:  “Failed:  Invalid Credentials”


I installed Active Directory Explorer and I’m quite certain the LDAP settings are correct, and the Active directory settings are also correct.  If I make changes to the query knowing it’s incorrect I get an appropriate failure message – but when I test with my own ID it comes back as Invalid Credentials…


I’ve tried both IE and Firefox, and I’ve tried multiple syntax changes in both Acitve Directory and LDAP – all should be correct as they all return the same error.


Is there an issue with using user authentication in the Evaluation / Demo license?