A complete MySQL monitoring system with early-warning mechanisms: Liam Terblanche, CTO, Airvantage

by Aug 11, 2017

Airvantage is a Value Added Service Provider for mobile telecommunication networks. Airvantage offers various gaming platforms, and subscriber retention initiatives like emergency airtime, mobile money integration, etc.

A simple solution for staying compliant

Airvantage host each customer's database on its server (virtual) as they are bound to do so from a legislative perspective. They are presently monitoring several production servers that are spread over various countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Looking at many tools, including ManageEngine and some open source alternatives, Airvantage opted for Monyog for its simplicity, ease of config, and relatively affordable price-tag.

Liam described what he needed was “a complete MySQL monitoring system with early-warning mechanisms which allow him to sleep much better”.  With Monyog, Liam instantly started relying on the 600+ monitors and alerts to become better at proactively monitoring MySQL.

The straightforward and intuitive interface of Monyog along with the default set of alerts made the user experience truly delightful for Liam and his team. From all the benefits Monyog offers, he reckons comparing Server Config feature is the most useful ensuring all the servers are similarly configured for their particular system requirements.

Agentless Monitoring

With the agentless architecture of Monyog, Airvantage could further stay compliant, and Liam is looking forward to considering the similar approach with other solutions as well. He mentioned that “to simply connect to any remote OS/ MySQL and start monitoring, is the way it should always have been.”

Customer Satisfaction

Liam had a particular use-case where he needed an alert if the checksum of a specific table changed.  When asked about the sales and support interaction experience, he said that “the guys sat with me and assisted me until it was working to my satisfaction. The salesperson and subsequent technical support were first-class.”

You can download Monyog free trial here.