A Data Modeler's 2016 Resolutions

by Dec 22, 2015

I generally don't make resolutions, especially at the end of a year. I'm more of a "make small changes, every day, that will make a big difference over a year" type person.  For blogs and communities, resolution making is a tradition and we all know that the holiday season is about traditions. So, dear data modelers, here are the resolutions I'd hope we'd all make for 2016. You wouldn't need to do all of them.  Just pick the ones you need to do. Make some of your own, then a plan to make them happen.

  1. Check in my data models more frequently. And remember to check my models in before I go vacation.
  2. Write clear, to the point object definitions at the time I create a new entity or attribute.
  3. Automate one part of my daily modeling tasks at least once a week.
  4. Play with a feature that I haven't yet used, at least once a month.
  5. Build a data modeling template file so that I have the right configurations, every time.
  6. Check Team Server for user feedback/comments every day.
  7. Leave a comment on a blog post.  Especially Karen's. Comments are hugs for bloggers, without the awkwardness of real life ones. Data model blogs are rare. You should join us.
  8. Answer a data modeling question on Twitter at least once a week.
  9. Answer a data modeling question on the ER/Studio Forum at least once a week.
  10. Answer a data modeling question on LinkedIn at least once a week.
  11. Post a data modeling question to a community site when I need some other opinions.
  12. Learn a new trick in ER/Studio.
  13. Hug the project manager who gives me enough time to do quality models, and in the right sprint order.
  14. Log all those bug/enhancement requests I haven't gotten around to yet.
  15. Stop using the word "Documentation" when referring to data models. 

There are likely more items we should be considering as our 2016 Data Modeling Resolutions.  What ones will you be making?

Photo by Karen Lopez.  Taken in Ljubjana, Slovenia. Where math, science and space were everywhere in the holiday decorations.