A little challenge after 9 hour of course

by Oct 4, 2014

Hello folk, 

I try to build a little blackjack game. I'm stuck at a part of my script because i can't get a $i variable to go up like a want.


for ($i = 2; $i -lt 4; $i++)

at the line 38 i try to make a for loop but apparently i can't start at 2. I try different thing (learning by doing the wrong thing) like -gt or even -eq. the program just won't do anything else then close with no error. I'm very confuse because with my understanding right now it make no sense to me. 


Since i start with 2 card i wanted to make that start at the third and finish with the fifth card. And i want to use that in my if loop to get the thing put those number in my table.


I know this is really rough for as a blackjack game but like i said im really really beginner in any form of language. I realise it can be better but i just want to learn what im doing wrong on the matter in hand and will continue to improve the code. 

Thx for any help you can provide me. 

I understand that some word are in french so here the translate


$cartes are for the card

$reponse = answer