A Powerful Suite of Tools for Increased DBA Productivity

by Jan 7, 2021

Working across multiple database platforms is the norm these days for many DBAs. Most organizations do not restrict themselves to using one database. Companies have found that deploying a mix of databases is often the best way to meet business requirements. Sometimes this is because the features of a particular database solution are well-suited to some, but not all areas of the business. Mergers and acquisitions often result in DBAs being tasked with supporting unfamiliar database platforms. 

Enterprises that adopt this diversified approach put additional strain on their database team as they need to learn the intricacies of more than one platform. Productivity can suffer when moving between systems that are similar yet not identical. If different tools are used to support the various databases, another level of complexity is introduced that further hampers team productivity.

The decision-makers at the helm of the database team welcome solutions that can reduce the complexity faced by their DBAs. Software tools that work across platforms can provide a productivity boost and reduce the stress of juggling multiple interfaces throughout the day. Finding the right one can have a dramatic impact on your team’s productivity and morale.

Meet IDERA’s DB PowerStudio 

IDERA’s DB PowerStudio is a bundled suite of database management and development tools that are compatible with multiple platforms. The applications can also be obtained as standalone tools to address specific gaps in your DBA’s software resources. Let’s take a look at the components of DB PowerStudio.


DBArtisan is a database management tool that enables you to work with Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase systems from a common user interface. System space, data, and performance can all be managed with the help of process monitors and sophisticated diagnostics. A graphical and customizable display enables DBAs to view execution plans and identify issues with the way queries are being processed. 

Data migration is simplified through the use of the tool’s Migration Wizard. The wizard guides admins through the migration, allowing them to specify options and view its progress. DBArtisan also addresses database security and enables the team to view, grant, and revoke permissions as needed. 

DB Change Manager

Keeping track of changes in a complex database environment can quickly become impossible without the right tools. DB Change Manager offers features designed to streamline the change process across Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase databases. Snapshots of target databases can be taken before implementing changes so they can easily be rolled back if needed.

Problems caused by improper changes can be identified with alerts generated when specific portions of a database are changed. DB Change Manager allows database configurations to be audited to ensure they comply with regulatory standards. The tool also supports data masking to protect sensitive information used in test and development environments. 

DB Optimizer

SQL queries present an inviting target for optimization by database teams looking to increase system performance. DB Optimizer supports Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase databases and enables their SQL queries to be tuned from a unified user interface. The ability to move between platforms to implement query updates gets things done quickly and frees up cycles for other activities.

A tuning wizard assists by suggesting code improvements and finding the best alternative for problem queries. Teams can easily pinpoint problem queries with graphical visualizations of wait-time analysis. Queries can be configured to run multiple times in simulation so they can be fine-tuned before being introduced to the production environment. 

Rapid SQL

In addition to tuning existing SQL queries, it is often necessary to develop new code to add functionality to a database application. Rapid SQL is an IDE that facilitates the creation of complex SQL statements with features like code assist, syntax validation, and SQL file cataloging. The tool allows teams to create and debug SQL code for Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and SAP Sybase systems from a common interface. 

Collaboration with team members is possible using the tool’s code repository and version control capabilities. The Visual Query builder saves time and lets you create code by pointing and clicking. Both expert SQL coders and those new to the discipline will benefit from Rapid SQL’s feature set. 

A Comprehensive Database Support Tool

Combining the power of the individual tools that make up DB PowerStudio provides a database team with everything they need to manage and optimize Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and Sybase systems. Using a common tool to administer multiple platforms reduces the learning curve for new team members and lets everyone concentrate on mastering a single feature set. 

The increased productivity gained from implementing DB PowerStudio frees up your staff to engage in more value-added activities. Standardizing on a set of tools for multiple platforms also saves money that would have been spent on tools that can only address issues on a single platform. Any environment that includes a mix of Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, and SAP Sybase systems will benefit from the use of DB PowerStudio.