Ability to specify another Windows Authenticated account for collection instead of the account associated to the collection service

by Jun 28, 2017

THE FEATURE REQUEST:  Flexibility of being able to specify unique windows authenticated accounts to perform collection than having to conform to the collection service account holistically.

Currently in SQL Diagnostic Manager, when using windows authentication to perform collection against the SQL instance, you are required to use the account associated to the account being used for the Diagnostic Manager collection service.  This feature request would be to provide in the server properties view, or when adding a new instance, the ability to specifically identify another AD account (other than the one associated to the Collection Service).  This is  an option for SQL authentication, but unfortunately is not available for windows authentication.

Use Case:

It can be difficult for customers of SQL Diagnostic Manager who acquire a large number of new instances (from merger or acquisition) to individually give rights to the collection service accounts on each newly acquired instance.  When adding new instances, if the option were available to specify a different account, then accounts that are already associated to the instance could be specified.