Action Profiles – Service Restart

by Sep 13, 2008

We are running up.time 5 and we are having some issues with the restarting of services:

We are monitoring ColdFusion server instances which are simply Windows Services. I have setup action profiles to test out the restarting of the service and it appears flaky at best.

Sometimes it will do nothing. (the server that it is monitoring and restarting the service on is remote mind you) You'll see the Test service window but you won't see the service restarting in the services window when on the remote server.

The other times I test it you can watch the services panel in windows…see it STOPPING and then it goes blank (it's stopped) then it just sits there (should say starting shorly there after I would think). The test service window is still going at this time…finally after a minute or so, you'll all of a sudden see starting in the services window and the service will start. About the same time the Test service window will finish and say it had an error restarting the service however the service did restart (slowly).

Has anyone else seen this problem before?