Active Directory In Up.time 5.5.0

by Jul 6, 2011

I am trying to get AD authentication working in up.time 5.5.0 as I have several engineers in different locations that want to evaluate it. But so far I have been unsuccessful in getting it to work. I get Invalid Credentials when I try to test the configuration without sync. The account that I am using is a Domain Admin account. If I click the sync checkbox and enter the info for the AD group containing the users that need access and enter my domainuser and password (a Domain Admin account) the save fails with an Invalid Credentials message. I get a sub 1msec ping to the PDC. There are no active firewalls inside the network (they are shut down by policy) and the DC is using port 389 for AD. I have verified the login domain from the workstation that I am connecting to the up.time server from. But so far nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?