Add a BCC to the SMTP action screen

by Jan 8, 2019

We have configured alerts to email users when certain issues come up as well as email our paging system.  However since all the emails are visible when a user reply all tot he email it generates another page and ticket.

We’d love to be able to BCC the paging system to avoid this.


Scott Stone over 4 years ago
Is the thought to add any helpdesk or automated e-mail addresses to BCC?

Tep Chantra over 2 years ago
While I know it’s not the same, what you could do is modify your Alert Reponse to include two entries of the “send email to xxxx” option. The first could be used to send to the people who need to be notified and the second could be for your paging system. That way, the email addresses are separated and replies amongst the group of people remains within the group of people.