Add a console menu to a powershell script

by Jul 31, 2015


I am a beginner with Powershell scripting and need some help from your side.

I am using this script to pull Exchange information from several forests:…/Get-ExchangeVer.ps1

Everything is working as it should but now i would like to add a console menu to my script to be asked after or before adding the domain credentials, to which server in which domain i would like to connect:

I am creating specific variables for credentials and then using New-PSSession, connect to those domains and search after information.

$ExTest = Get-Credential "Domainistok" 

$ps1=New-PSSession -Authentication basic -Credential $ExTest -ConnectionUri hallo-domain.local/powershell -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -SessionOption (New-PSSessionOption -SkipRevocationCheck)

 I found a very useful script for creating a menu but need your help.

First button should mean – Search between all Servers – Should i create a txt file with all servers and then connect to that file? or what would you recommend?

After choosing all the servers i would like to get a prompt for what Exchange info's i request.

[int]$xMenuChoiceA = 0

while ( $xMenuChoiceA -lt 1 -or $xMenuChoiceA -gt 3 ){

Write-host "1. Select Server"

Write-host "2. What is your request?"

Write-host "3. Quit and exit"

[Int]$xMenuChoiceA = read-host "Please enter an option 1 to 3…" }

Switch( $xMenuChoiceA ){

  1{<#run an action or call a function here #>}

  2{<#run an action or call a function here #>}

  3{<#run an action or call a function here #>}

default{<#run a default action or call a function here #>}



I appreciate your help,


Craznic Razvan