add to the registry on remote servers

by Oct 24, 2012

Hi all, new to PS and i have a challenge at work.. i have a .reg file that i need to apply to alot of our servers (but not all!)


i have a list of them, but how do i do it?


what i tried so far is this:


$targetservers = Get-Content C:skriptssqltest.txt

$originalfile = "\serverShared FoldersITDBA2 ScriptsWinServerAdminODBCsourcesRegKey_UTV9.reg"

$newfile = "c:installregistryutv9.reg"

foreach ($server in $targetservers)


Copy-Item $originalfile -Destination $newfile

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $server -ScriptBlock {

Start-Process -filepath "C:windowsregedit.exe" -argumentlist "/s $newfile"




it creates the new file on MY pc (and i would be fine with that if it worked) and thats it! no error message at all, and the .reg file has not been applied!


i need some help here, i am clearly missing something….