Adding Dell Switch As A Node

by Aug 18, 2010

Hi everyone

Does Anyone Else tried to configure Dell Switches in Uptime?

I am having some issues with the configuration of Dell Switches in Uptime after adding them as Node.

I tried to Add SNMP Service then loaded MIB files for that particular Switch;In my case we are using Dell 2848 PowerConnect and 5324 Powerconnect.I've got more than 100 MIB's for each Switch.I tried to upload more than half of the MIB's but none of them gives the exact information what we are looking for like TCPIP Stats,Memory,HD etc.

However, i've configured our NAS using SNMP Service,uploaded the MIBS.They all are performing well,showing all the required information but not in the case of Dell Switch.

Has anyone else played around with DellSwitches in Uptime??

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