Additional Reports

by Aug 8, 2014

There are two reports I would like to request to be added:


1. We recently had intermittent DNS issues that were affecting our whole organization and we found a valuable tool to monitor not only when the issues were occurring but the severity, this was the Recent Incidents graph on the main UpTime page. It seems that certain service monitors were more sensitive to DNS than others and the number of alerts co-related to the severity of the DNS issue. This helped us to start required traces when the issues were starting as well allowed us to get an idea on a daily basis whether the fixes being put in place had any affect, as issues were being fixed the number of alerts reduced.


The request is to have the ability to output a report that is just like the Recent Incidents graph but with the ability to view across a specific time frame as opposed to just the last 12 hours. The time frame is important because in our current case it would have provided us with the ability to pinpoint when the pattern began and link it to a possible change that occurred at that time. It would also be handy as a gadget where you could specify Recent Incidents for specific groups and time frame for custom dashboards.


2. Another report that would be useful is a User Activity report to monitor what changes various admins are making.