Addressing License DLL Issue

by Nov 9, 2017

Upgrade your license library if required

Should you determine that you have a problem with your SQL Secure license keys, please follow the procedure below to replace your license key library (DLL) with a newer one provided by the IderaUpdate Utility.

  • Regardless of the method used, all consoles must be CLOSED before updating the DLL.
  • Please check Task Manager to ensure that all IDERA product related processes are closed.

IderaUpdate only replaces the License4Net.dll.  It makes no other changes to your installation.

PREFERRED METHOD – Use IderaUpdate to replace License4Net.dll

IderaUpdate is available at

  1. Download the IderaUpdate utility into a temporary directory on each machine that hosts the IDERA product’s services and desktop clients.
  2. Extract all the contents of the zip file.
  3. Double click the IderaUpdate application
  4. Choose SQL Secure
  5. Choose x64 for 64 bit installation (most common)
    Choose x86 for 32 bit installation (uncommon)
  6. Set the path for the IDERA product installation directory. The default is %INSTALLFOLDER%IderaSQLsecurebin
    • The path is the directory that contains the file License4Net.dll
  7. Click Run Update

The update can then be verified by navigating to the install directory and verifying the version of License4Net.dll

  1. Right click on License4Net.dll
  2. Properties
  3. Product version on the Details tab will be
  4. If the component host machine is Windows Server 2008 R2, then Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x64) Version 8.0.61000 is REQUIRED.
    • Copy and paste the following Microsoft link to your browser and select the correct version for your operation system’s bit architecture.
    • Once you have run the update (and if applicable updated the redistributable file), start the IDERA product as normal.

Additional Option – Manually replace License4Net.dll

  1. Down the copy of License4Net.dll version that corresponds to your version of Windows.
    • 64 bit:
    • 32 bit:
  2. Log on to the server running the Idera software and navigate to the installation directory. The path is %INSTALLFOLDER%IderaSQLsecurebin
  3. Rename the existing copy of License4Net.dll to License4Net.dll.old
  4. Copy the downloaded License4Net.dll into the installation directory next to the file that was just renamed.
  5. Once you have replaced the DLL File, start the IDERA product as normal.

If you still experience an issue, please review the steps again and contact for additional assistance.