Addressing License DLL Issues in SQL Safe Backup

by Nov 9, 2017

IDERA has recently updated the license library for all the products. In some situations, customers may see a license prompt upon launching the console or encounter backups failing due to an expired license. In order to resolve this issue, please follow the steps listed below.

These instructions are for SQL Safe. Because the change must be made on all licensed backup agents, IDERA has generated a utility facilitate this process.

The files have been uploaded to IDERA’s FTP site. To access our FTP Server, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your internet browser:

When prompted for credentials, please use the following (case-sensitive);

Your username is: IderaUpdate
Your password is: Id3r@2017

After downloading the files:
1. Read IderaUpdate_Instructions (SQLsafe Agent) documentation for steps to perform the remote update.
2. Unpackage the IderaUpdate Utility on the server you want to deploy the update from.
3. Follow the steps outlined in IderaUpdate_Instructions (SQLsafe Agent) documentation.
– Note: If the Agent is installed on a cluster, the server list you create must contain the actual server names, not virtual server names.


  • If you are running an older version of Windows, namely Windows Server 2008 R2 or earlier, you must also manually apply the prerequisite, ‘Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update’ using the following instructions:Note: This should not require a system reboot.Copy and paste the following Microsoft link into your browser and select the correct version for your operating system’s bit architecture, download and apply.
  • You may find that one or more failed or closed sessions of the console remains running in memory from before the application of the new DLL file. If you do, please kill that session in Task Manager.

Alternatively, you may also perform the DLL file update manually.

  1. Down the copy of License4Net.dll version that corresponds to your version of Windows.
  2. Log on to the server running the IDERA software.
  3. Stop any SQL Safe components that may be running on the system (e.g. SQLsafe Management Service, SQLsafe Backup Service, SQLsafe OLR Service, SQLsafe Filter Service, SQLsafe Management Console, etc).
  4. In File Explorer, navigate to the installation directory for SQL Safe Backup (e.g. C:Program FilesIderaSQLsafe).
  5. Rename the existing copy of License4Net.dll to License4Net.dll.old.
  6. Copy the downloaded License4Net.dll into the installation directory next to the file that was just renamed.
  7. Once you have replaced the DLL File, start the restart the SQL Safe components as normal.
  8. Repeat the steps above for all servers that are managed by SQL Safe Backup (i.e. all servers with SQL Safe components need to have the DLL file updated).

With the manual steps, the IMPORTANT NOTES displayed above also applies.

If you still experience an issue, please review the steps again and contact for additional assistance.