Adopt a compliance and auditing mindset

by Jun 7, 2022

It is easy and all too common to see the auditing team as adversaries. All the information they want takes time to gather. All the rules and procedures they want added just slow things down. And far too often, it feels like we are trying to pass the test rather than be secure. Sound familiar?

There is not a magic answer that makes it all painless, but there are ways to make this process easier, less frustrating, and more effective. It starts with understanding that everyone wants the same thing – a documented and sound approach for conducting business in a way that guarantees we stay secure and available. There are a lot of options for getting there, but they require a higher level of conversation than you might expect. The auditing team may not be experts in every bit of technology – sometimes they prescribe solutions because we demand it, sometimes because they think they are supposed to!

Watch the educational Geek Sync webinar “Adopting a Compliance & Auditing Mindset with Andy Warren to learn more about all of this in for SQL Server. Also, explore what we can do with the tools in the box and places where third-party tools can have an impact.

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