ADS 2.1, Problem with double quotes while creating a table

by Nov 2, 2020

With ADS  21.0 , I am unable to create table in Interbase 2000 .  The problem is with double quotes in the create table statement generated by ADS.  The statement executes perfectly without double quotes through query window. The problem is with SQL dialect. It needs to be set to 3.  If I go through IBconsole and create a database with SQL dialect 3, then I can easily create tables through ADS.  Is there any way I can specify the SQL Dialect in ADS while creating the database or do I have to take help of IBConsole each time? 




Thomas Conrad over 2 years ago

Hi Gaurav,

You can turn off the quotes in Visual Editing by unchecking File->Options->Script->Interbase->Visual Editing Quote Identifier.