ADS ER Model Compare & Merge

by Nov 3, 2018

I have a model I reverse engineered into Aqua Data Studio (ADS). I added some views in Redshift (RS) and altered some of the tables in ADS. I did a model compare and it showed the correct differences. How do I get the RS changes into the existing model in ADS and the ADS changes into RS?




Thomas Conrad over 4 years ago

There is really no easy way to do this in ADS as ER Modeler is lightweight and doesn’t have a merge feature. That said, if you generate the DDL for the model and replay that in the RS Query Analyzer window, it will delete and rebuild the tables in RS that were generated in the model. After you do that, re-import that database back into the model. This should pick up your views that you added in RS and the table changes from the model.

Hope that helps,