Aix Errpt Log Plugin Monitor (sp5 Or Higher)

by Jun 8, 2007

This Plugin Monitor is for Service Pack 5 and up

ERRPT Scan Monitor

This pluggable monitor will allow you to scan the errpt log file on an on a AIX system. You can send out alerts based on the results of the following fields ID, Type, Class, Description.

This custom script is written in perl which means you will require to have a perl interpreter on the machine. The monitor will also require that the aix system will be running on an agent later than 4.2.1.

Details on how to install the custom monitor are listed in the README.txt document bundled in each package. If anything is not clear, don't hesitate to ask us.

I have attached 2 files, a windows version and one for unix variants.

The Windows version is
The unix variant version is unixerrpt.tar