Alert Notifications (occasionally) Not Being Sent Via Smtp

by Dec 23, 2014

We are running MONyog Ultimate 6.21, and occasionally our MONyog server fails to send an SMTP notification for warning- or critical-level alerts.


The affected monitors can be built-in, or custom monitors which we've created using CSOs.  


Everything is configured properly in the monitor itself, including the Value* and Alert condition javascript expressions (confirmed because the alerts work as intended sometimes, but not always).  The Notify? radio button is selected "Yes".


The server(s) we are are monitoring are configured correctly for SMTP notifications, and the global SMTP configuration under Tools>Preferences>Mail settings are also setup correctly.


On the MONyog server itself, there are no relevant entries in the MONyog.log file.  We have even gone so far as to setup a "sanity check" custom monitor which does a simple "SELECT NOW();" against one of our servers every 12 hours, and it sends a Warning notification alert when the time is between 8:00AM and 5:00PM each day (currently doing the check at 12:54 and 00:54 each day), and then it resets back to OK status each night so the Warning alert will send again the next day.  However, even this alert is only being sent sporadically, even though the History for that alert clearly shows that it should have been sent every day since the initial setup of the monitor.


I have even tried scripting an API call to "_object=PrefMgr&_action=SmtpTest&from_name=[etc…]", but this doesn't work of course because the _object value is not "MONyogAPI".


Is there anything else we can do to troubleshoot this issue or perhaps setup an automated daily test email from the server to ensure SMTP notifications are being sent as expected?


Thank you,

Steven Libby