Alert Responses are not triggered

by Jul 25, 2017


I have started working with SQLdm ( Trial version) this week and I can able to monitor the SQL servers without any issues. 🙂

Yesterday, I have started with alerts configuration and creating alert response actions.

 – I can configure the alert thresholds from the Default template and it works like a charm.

 – But Alert response is not actually working as expected. Below are the description about my requirement and issue.


     Need to run/trigger a script on any alerts severity change.


     I have configured below Action providers:

Options tried:

 – Powershell Action Provider with script directly,

 – SQL Agent Job by creating SQL Agent Job which in turn execute the PS script

 – Program action by launching Powershell and executing a locally saved PS script.

But none of the above actions get triggered on alert creation or alert severity change.

Please help me out with this issue.