Alert Script – E-Mail: User Does Not Have A Netsend Address Set

by Oct 20, 2014



I’m trying to write a custom alert script where I can better format the e-mail body.

Apparently, in the original e-mail alert, the agent’s script output is all put on one line, which is not readable in our case.


I have made a VBScript that creates and sends an e-mail.

It works perfectly from my local machine, but it fails on the Windows Uptime Server with the following messages:

—Alert Script to be executed: “D:/Tools/uptime software/up.time agent/scripts/sendParsedEmailAlert.bat”
–Script Error (exit=-1) Script file ‘sendParsedEmailAlert.bat”‘ does not exist for:
—Net alert sent. Subject: 
— does not have a NetSend address set; not sent


Can anyone help me with this issue? Am I forgetting something else?

The script is configured in the Agent Console:

  • Command name: sendParsedEMail
  • Path to script: cscript //nologo “D:Toolsuptime softwareup.time agentscriptssendParsedEmail.vbs”

This kind of setup works for the custom agent script.

I use “CDO.Message” in the script to send the e-mail.


Thanks for your help.