AlwaysOn Policy Configuration

by Aug 31, 2017

what is the best method to setting up a policy for AlwaysOn Databases, do you license and register the server or listener?

Do you add all Nodes to the policy or just the primary?  When you add both nodes, their are SQL safe agents on both servers.  If they are both scheduled, won't they do 2 backups?

This is a simple 2 node, Primary/Secondary topology.

The documentation is not very clear how SQLSafe knows it is a AlwaysOn database.  It just says it is compatible.


"When SQL Safe performs the backup operation, it detects the preferred replica for the backup operation and it skips the non-preferred ones."

— does this mean when the job kicks off on the Secondary and the AG is configured for Primary only, then they job skips the backup tasks and reports complete?