Announcing Precise 10.3.1 General Availability

by Jul 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Precise 10.3.1, the leading database and application performance monitoring platform.

What’s New in Precise 10.3.1

Precise helps IT professionals improve the end-to-end performance monitoring of databases and applications, and recommend corrective actions. It can detect and correct the root cause of performance problems whether in an application or a database. This can all be done within a few clicks.

In Precise 10.3.1 we have improved the installer to make the installation process easier which helps new prospects and customers. 

This means Precise can be installed quicker and with fewer problems.

Having easy to follow steps with clear error reporting makes the whole installation of Precise easier. 

Installing Precise version 10.3.1 can be done as described in the Clean installation of the Precise Framework section of the Precise Installation Guide. 

There are also videos for installing Precise framework that can be found here, as well as videos detailing features.

Learn more:

Precise for Databases

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Download and install your Precise V10.3.1 software from here or from the Precise Support Portal.