Announcing the GA Release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.5

by Jun 8, 2018

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.5


SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive database auditing solution that monitors and tracks changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sends alerts on suspicious activity. SQL Compliance Manager also generates audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, CIS, NERC, DISA/STIG and FERPA.


What’s New in SQL Compliance Manager 5.5?


This is the first release of SQL Compliance Manager to support SQL Server 2017.


This release helps to improve the customer trial experience with more streamlined installation.  Initial startup is further simplified with the addition of new regulatory guidelines available upon setup.


This release enhances our support of regulatory frameworks.  We have added several new regulatory guidelines to our out of the box configuration.  We also added the ability to import and export custom regulatory guidelines that are not yet part of the out of the box configuration.  We will be providing a custom template for GDPR (as well as other important regulatory frameworks) via our community site.


Highlights of SQL Compliance Manager 5.5


  • Full SQL Server 2017 on Windows support
  • Enhanced the installer and quick start experience to improve usability and trialability
  • Enhanced regulatory frameworks to allow for easier out of the box configuration
    • Updates to PCI regulatory guidelines to bring the product up to date with the latest version
    • New regulatory guidelines for NERC, DISA/STIG, FERPA, CIS, SOX
    • New custom regulatory guidelines available for import/export
  • Enhanced our sensitive columns functionality by adding sensitive datasets that will allow you to choose a set of columns that come together to make up sensitive information.  (ex First Name + Last Name + Zip Code)
  • Added new row count functionality which will allow customers to quickly see the number of rows impacted in a statement.  Customers will also have the ability to set up alerts to look for cases where the row counts are abnormally high.
  • Enhanced auditing options so that customers can choose if they would like to collect their audit data via Trace Events, Extended Events (SQL Server 2012+) or Audit Logs (SQL Server 2017+)


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