Announcing the GA Release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.6

by Jul 2, 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.6.

SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive database auditing solution that monitors and tracks changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sends alerts on suspicious activity. SQL Compliance Manager also generates audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CIS, NERC, DISA/STIG and FERPA.

SQL Compliance Manager 5.6

This release focused heavily on improving the usability and functionality surrounding settings and configurations in the product. These updates will greatly improve the speed of new installations and updated implementations. SQL Compliance Manager users will be able to test the product and roll out new updates more swiftly with more clarity.

Highlights of SQL Compliance Manager 5.6

Product Updates

  • Clearer Configuration Settings – New logic has been added that will allow you to more clearly see what settings have already been set on the parent configuration so that you know exactly what information is captured for all levels.
  • Updated Web Console – We have removed the configuration settings from the web console so that you can provide the reports and activities to users without fear that they will change the settings. In the windows console, you will continue to have full functionality for all your monitoring and auditing needs. 
  • Sensitive Columns Update – We have added functionality to allow for collection DML activity as part of your sensitive column features without collecting the Before and After (BAD) data so that you have the option to better meet some personally identifiable information (PII) parameters.
  • Wiki/Help Documentation Update – We have updated our documentation to make it more user-friendly and allow you to review help screens based on the console layout.

New Features/Functionality

  • Default Audit Configuration Settings –  SQL Compliance Manager now has the capability to set default settings at both the Server Level and the Database Level allowing faster implementation of new databases and consistency across them. 
  • Server Level Trusted User – You can now set trusted users at the server level allowing you greater control over who is monitored at the server level.
  • Database Audited Upon Creation – A new audit setting is available that will allow you to automatically add new databases (which will pick up your defined defaults) for monitoring.
  • Logout Events – While users have always been able to monitor Logins and Failed Logins, we have now added Logout Events as separate events so that you can reconcile them with your Login events during an audit. 
  • GDPR available in Regulatory Guideline Wizard – While the product has been able to support GDPR since its initiation, the product now allows you to quickly and easily set up your auditing based on GDPR standards using the Regulatory Guideline Wizard.
  • Configuration Check Report – A new report is available that will allow you to see all of your configurations across all your servers and databases and compare them to what you have set in your default configurations. This allows auditors to see a snapshot in time of all of your configurations.
  • Regulatory Compliance Check Report – A new report is available that will compare what you have set in your configurations compared to what we have predefined as settings for the various regulations, allowing you to see where you may possibly be out of compliance. 
  • New log file for tracking upgrades – We added a new log file that will keep track of your versions and upgrades allowing for quicker responses to support teams. 

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