Announcing the GA Release of SQL Secure 3.3

by May 31, 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Secure 3.3.

SQL Secure is an auditing and security tool for SQL Servers.  It helps identifies vulnerabilities with SQL Server configurations and access, establishes security policies and baselines and alerts if there are any changes.  SQL Secure provides updated security templates to support industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI), Center for Internet Security (CIS) and a number of other regulations.

SQL Secure 3.3

SQL Secure 3.3 has a number of new features and capabilities that help database administrators to secure their SQL Servers.

Highlights of SQL Secure 3.3

  • New Audit Support for Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2, allowing database administrators to audit and secure their SQL Server instances and databases running on Amazon RDS or EC2 VMs
  • Installation Support for Azure VM and Amazon EC2, allowing users to run SQL Secure in the cloud
  • Security Checks and Policy Templates to support GDPR
  • Updated IDERA Level 1 – 3 policy template with new security checks
  • Import/Export Policy improvements so users can move or add new policies without having to manually enter individual security checks
  • Bulk Changes for email notification settings
  • Archiving snapshots for decommissioned servers

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