Announcing the General Availability of DB PowerStudio 16.6.1

by Aug 17, 2017

IDERA is pleased to announce the general availability of DB PowerStudio 16.6.1. Existing users may upgrade to this latest version via the online downloads. New users may download the trial version from the IDERA Website.

DB Optimizer 16.6.1 substantially improves SQL rewrite speed and reliability via a superior new data dictionary lookup and caching mechanism. Moreover, DB Optimizer also removes the requirement that users must have DBA privileges. Now any user, no matter their rights, should be able to both efficiently and effectively tune all of their poorly performing SQL with less effort. Most notable, new users should find the trial experience literally twice as satisfying due to these changes.

DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 16.6.1 also benefit from the new data dictionary lookup and caching mechanism, resulting in faster population of tree views, drop-down lists and database object property screen launches. Plus DBArtisan completes support for Oracle 12c's advanced security and auditing. This release also addresses some important issues from support cases logged by customers. One beta customer has quoted, "They have made noticeably great performance improvements (queries to the data dictionary, etc.) and the various issues I mentioned previously have all been fixed."

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