Announcing the General Availability of DB PowerStudio 17.0.4

by Aug 28, 2019

We are excited to announce the release of DB PowerStudio version 17.0.4 with improvements in the following areas.

New Platform Support

We have added support for SQL Server 2019 (tested against community technology preview 3.2), Oracle 18c and 19c, and PostgreSQL 11.2.

DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, DB Optimizer and DB Change Manager Changes

  • Fixed existing support issues and tested against new platform support.

Download links

Current customers can download this latest DB PowerStudio release from the new Registered Products Portal. This portal uses the same login credentials as the EDN Members site.

Find the DB PowerStudio documentation here:


Rapid SQL:

DB Optimizer:

DB Change Manager:

Questions or comments?  Please let us know in the Idera Community.