Announcing the Release of SQL Defrag Manager 3.6

by Nov 25, 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Defrag Manager 3.6

SQL Defrag Manager is an industry leading automated performance solution that detects, documents and fixes SQL Server Index fragmentation. Centralized automation policies can be implemented across large numbers of instances for any size business or enterprise drastically lowering the cost to maintain SQL Server query performance.

What's New in SQL Defrag Manager 3.6?

The SQL Defrag Manager 3.6 release is focused on addressing the highest priority customer value cases while providing significant usability and automation improvements with cost benefits for both small and large customers installations. 

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Product Enhancements

The “Instant Defrag” Operation

This release introduces a new defragmentation management operation that provides a significant usability improvement for customers with environments ranging from a small business to a large scale enterprise. SQL Defrag Manager analyzes the fragmentation levels of tables and indexes in registered databases and instances and rebuilds or reorganizes all the displayed fragmented hotspots at once with a single button selection.

Setting Up Automated Policies with Different Analysis Types

Administrators can now choose to set up and run automated policies that streamlines the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes by using different methods of analysis types such as the “Fast”, “Thorough Sampled” or the “Thorough Detailed” based on presumable index thresholds or defragmentation frequency.

Recurring Automated Policies

This change significantly improves the automated policies operation usability by saving users a considerable amount of time and minimizing configuration efforts.

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