anybody do this task

by Mar 3, 2022

  • Create a PowerShell script named Get-FileOwner.ps1
  • The script must require at least PowerShell Version 5.1
  • The script must accept as input a named parameter called Dir which is the directory to be scanned
  • The script must check to ensure both that the path exists and that the path is a directory

–If either above condition is not met, then the script should exit with an appropriate message

  • The script must output a file path and the owner of that file (see below)
  • You will (probably) need to make use of the following cmdlets:

    ØHas a –PathType parameter which will help you verify a path is a directory

    ØHas a –File parameter which will cause it only to return files (and not directories)

    • Get-Acl
    • Make sure you are generating output with Write-Output or just expressing objects and not Write-Host please
      (so I can pipeline it for marking!)