Aqua Data Studio 16.0 – Enhanced Charts, Dashboards and Database Support

by Mar 23, 2015

Since our last release, we have been focused on building on our initial success with Visual Analytics and continuing to enhance our database support and usability of Aqua Data Studio. With our version 16.0 release, our enhanced charting now includes Treemap Charts and Histograms, Trend Line options with Confidence Bands, Binning, Undo/Redo and much more. Database improvements include Visual Explain Plans for DB2 z/OS and support for the latest versions of Sybase ASE 16, MongoDB 3.0, SQL Server 2014 and 10 other DBs. Aqua Data Studio now includes the ability to pin grid results, an often requested feature. Below are links to all of our new features and downloads.

New Features:…/What-s-New-in-Version-16-0