Aqua Data Studio for an Oracle DBA

by Jun 26, 2019

Aqua Data Studio continues to add extensive productivity areas for any IT professional working with data and databases, especially the Oracle RDBMS platform.

Here is a document overview of the most popular areas for an Oracle DBA, using Aqua Data Studio:


Explore the Navigation Tree for Oracle, and right click menus:







Tools menu is filled with everyday tools for completing DBA responsibilities:

Import Data Export Data

Schema Script

Server Script

Compare Schema, Files, Results

Explain Plain Whiteboard


The Query Analyzer (sql editor) in Aqua Data Studio, helps Oracle DBAs examine SQL Execution Plan, build Plan Diagrams, perform Explain Plan compares with the Explain Plan Whiteboard, and view Client Statistics:

For Aqua Data Studio Oracle specific utilities, expand DBA Tools> Oracle for these helpful Oracle DBA Manager windows:



Here is a brief video recording of these areas, on the Aqua Data Studio YouTube channel:


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