Aqua Data Studio Helps You Manage Databases and Visualize Data

by Apr 16, 2020

Organizations are swiftly countering to the evolving requirements prompted by the rapidly developing situation. They apply data to guide decisions about how to manage the organization while providing for the safety of their staff and customers.

Database and data professionals are in a special position to aid their organization make these crucial decisions. They need to keep operations functioning smoothly while costs are being scrutinized. They are adjusting to do more with less. And they often need to make it work from home.

Let us help you with a single tool at an affordable price to manage your databases and data, and visually analyze your data. Aqua Data Studio is like a Swiss army knife that lets you:

Use an intuitive graphical user interface.
Manage many tasks for relational, cloud, and NoSQL databases.
Develop, execute, and share SQL statements.
View, filter, and edit query results in Excel-like grid with copy-and-paste.
Create visualizations and dashboards to analyze data with drag-and-drop.
Compare schema, data, query results, files, and folders.
Reverse-engineer databases into entity-relationship diagrams.


“We manage all of our databases, edit SQL code, and extract and visualize data all from within Aqua Data Studio only.” — Kuiran Du, Business Analyst, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., (large enterprise, telecommunications equipment, Bahrain)

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