Archive Alternative Methods

by Mar 1, 2010

We have been looking at how Uptime stores its data and how me can make better use of Uptime.
With the exception of the disk performance_fscap table all others were being archived out at 60 days due to the fact that reporting would fail if it was much more.

This year we started investigating other alternatives as its kind of a pointless product if the system is unable to handle the data loads that Uptime generates.
By example performance_fscap grows at the rate of 500,000 records per day but beyond a certain point in time we don’t need to have the same detail we in this example have decided we would only like to see the max value of each mount point per system once per day. This would enable us to keep indefinite records. It would also only grow in our case by 5000 records per day.

Has anyone else looked at alternative archive solutions to the uptime solution of deleting all the data at x period?
Has uptime looked into other alternatives?