Auto-reconnect in Servers tree?

by Apr 19, 2017


I am using Aqua Data Studio 18.0.7 on MacOS 10.12.4 and oftentimes if I do not use ADS for a while, my server connections will time out (in the Server window). When this happens, if I attempt to expand a node under one of my previously connected servers I get a timeout error. In order to fix this I have to right-click on the server's node in the tree and select Reconnect.

While this is not a huge deal, it would be nice if either the server would attempt an automatic reconnect when I try to use it, OR if there was a Reconnect menu item in the Server menu (and not just a context menu option on the server node itself) so that I could program a keyboard shortcut for it in MacOS. (MacOS does not have a way of programming keyboard shortcuts for context menu items, just main menu items.)

Please let me know if you need any additional information, screenshots, etc.