Avoid common enterprise pitfalls of IT systems monitoring

by Apr 8, 2022

If applications fail or suffer from low performance levels, then organizations lose revenues and customers. Information Technology (IT) operations managers and administrators need to adopt a complete IT dashboard. It needs to provide total visibility over the IT service delivery process, including monitoring servers, applications, IT services and networks. Performance, availability, and capacity management solutions that IT staff can deploy fast, automation of processes, and adapting to changing enterprise situations without breaking IT budgets are essential for strategic IT departments.

IT systems monitoring has become such a staple for many IT shops that companies continue to expand their data centers and computing powers across distributed systems and networks. Capacity management (especially considering virtual environments) brings an extra dimension to this challenge. Enterprises find they can no longer afford to throw hardware at problems to increase the level of resources. Organizations need ways to more intelligently manage changes in capacity demand.

Read the whitepaper “Twelve enterprise pitfalls of IT systems monitoring” to learn how an integrated IT dashboard can offer a fast deployable, cost-effective alternative that keeps servers, applications, services, and networks running at their peak.

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