Avoid Costly Microsoft True-Ups [Live Webinar]

by Nov 9, 2021

Database administrators need to better inventory their database environment to get a better handle on SQL Server sprawl and detect rogue instances to avoid massive bills from their Microsoft true-ups.

Join the interactive webinar "Avoid costly Microsoft true-ups" on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 10 am CDT to learn how to prepare for your Microsoft true-ups and avoid expensive surprises.

With SQL Inventory Manager, you can automatically discover all SQL Server instances in your environment — on premises and in the cloud. For all instances, quickly see their server, edition, build, configuration, CPUs, cores, databases, and owner as well as what they are being used for.

Participants can shape the topics discussed as the presenter will take questions and answer them live during the webinar.

If you cannot attend live, please register anyway, so that you can view the session recording after the session.

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