Azure MySQL Database as a Service – The next best thing to an Azure Database as a Service Addon

by Aug 20, 2018

                                     Azure MySQL Database as a Service – A Primer

The Azure PaaS has really kicked off and databases are no different.

Microsoft Azure has introduced MySQL Database as a Service now.

Some key benefits:

Azure Database for MySQL provides fully managed, enterprise-ready community MySQL database as a service.
The MySQL Community edition helps you easily lift and shift to the cloud, using languages and frameworks of your choice.
On top of that, you get built-in high availability and dynamic scaling, helping you easily adjust to changes in customer demands.
Additionally, you benefit from the unparalleled security and compliance, including Azure IP advantage, as well as Azure’s industry leading reach.
All this with a flexible pricing model so you can choose resources for your workload with no hidden cost.

Here is a great resource on how to migrate an on-prem mysql database to the cloud

In the next series I will cover on how to provision a MySQL Database in Azure