Basic Db2 Monitoring

by Jun 27, 2007

This plugin monitor allows you to monitor a DB2 database. This has been tested with version 9, but should work with older versions as well.

1) Uncompress the contents of into your uptime4/scripts directory
2) Load the db2basicManifest-.xml file that is appropriate for your monitoring station

You will now have a DB2 Basic Monitor under the advanced monitors section of 'add new service monitor'

Under the DB2 basic monitor settings, you will have to provide the database instance name and a userid/password that has select permission for the table you are going to query.

Enter a database query into the 'Database Query' section, such as 'select * from product' and enter 'Shovel' into the match field. The match is case sensitive against the results of the query.

If the query is a multi column query, the contents of each column will be concatenated into a single result.