Basic Tomcat Monitor

by Jun 30, 2007

Here is a monitor for the Tomcat users out there. This monitor is not based on JMX, and therefore requires that the manager/status servlet is enabled on your Tomcat servers. The status servlet can be password protected, so this isn't too big of an issue. (Or if it is, please post and let me know why it is.) Install this pluggable monitor like any other one.

1) Unzip into your uptime4/scripts directory.
2) run `erdcloader -x scripts/TomcatManifest-(unix/win).xml` to load the monitor. (Load the appropriate xml file for your monitoring station platform)
3) You'll now have an Apache Tomcat (Basic) monitor under advanced service monitors within your up.time GUI.

[Don't forget to set the file permissions for execute by the uptime user if necessary.]

This monitor provides the following metrics:

JVM Memory Stats
Free Memory
Total Memory
Max Memory

Thread Info

Request Timing


Data Rate

This monitor creates temp files in the directory specified by, so typically in /tmp on a unix server and c:WINDOWStemp on a Windows server. (These files are a serialized java object containing the values of the counter based metrics returned by the monitor. This allows the monitor to calculate the delta between runs to present the data in a meaningful manner to the user. These files are .