Best practices with other backup software

by Feb 23, 2015

How does SQL Safe work in conjunction with server-level backup? We currently use Symantec Netbackup for server-level backup. Would I leave the complete nightly server backup through NetBackup in place, and treat backups from SQL Safe completely separate? If we did a server-level NetBackup restore, that would bring SQL Server back to the state it was at the time of the backup. If I needed to do a point-in-time SQL restore, I could just restore through SQL Safe after the NetBackup restore?

I get nervous with the NetBackup backups because the disk seems to get acquiesced during the backup. So, in the SQL backup history tables (msdb.dbo.backupset and msdb.dbo.backupmediafamily), I see backup records interspersed with my native SQL Backups. Will SQL Safe be able to recover to any point before or after the netbackup recovery, assuming that the transaction log backups are available? Or will it get confused by the backup records generated by NetBackup?