Better support of MS Excel export ?

by Nov 24, 2015

Hi to all ADS users,

we´re still using ADS Version 9 and what really bugs me is the "outdated" Excel export option… problem is that compatibility mode xls files are generated and larger exports (e.g. > 150.000 rows) are seperated into several sheets because the old 32 bit Excel had a limitation of max 65K rows per sheet… So now it´s 2015 and we have Excel 2010 here with no more limitations and compressed, xml based xlsx format. So I expcted to have a more up2date export process with the latest version of ADS but… today´s trial run of ADS 16 64 Bit left me dissappointed… still the same old export.

I know the limitations of direkt 2 excel export and larger exports are done via CSV, but sometimes it´s just very convenient to do a quick "ad hoc export" to Excel and continue to work with that output.

Any chance to improve the interface to excel in the future?
Thanks and regards!