Branching logic in FluidShell?

by Nov 4, 2017

Is it possible to create if/else branching logic using FluidShell somehow? Basically I only want a part of the script executed if a certain flag is set to one. I’m not seeing an easy way to do this. This seems like a pretty fundamentally important feature.

Thank you,



Sachin Prakash over 5 years ago
Hi Alex,

This is currently not supported. We do have this in our roadmap for a future release but no definitive timeline.

A possible workaround might be that you create a OS level .bat / .sh script & define a variable & conditional check in the OS script. Based upon the flag, you could then execute the appropriate fluidshell script by invoking runfluidscript. This approach only works in a few limited scenarios so I’m not sure if it is applicable in your context.

Fluidshell also offers the ability to conditionally fail or continue based upon whether the SQL statement was executed successfully. This doesn’t seem to match your scenario either.